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[Trivia] Fanfic: Jung Hwan x Deok Sun Imaginary Episode 17 (In English)

Aku bukanlah tipe yang akan membaca fanfic jika menyukai seseorang atau satu couple, tapi Jung Hwan dan Deok Sun benar-benar sudah membuat aku berubah. Apa-apaan ini? Aku menyukai mereka! Aku benar-benar menyukai mereka dan ingin mereka bersama, SECEPATNYA. Tapi apa boleh buat, PD-Nim dan SW-nim maunya melama-lamakan Episode dan aku benar-benar nggak sabar.

Untungnya di forum soompi, aku menemukan fanfic yang sesuai dengan selera aku HAHHHAHAH.
Karena beberapa waktu yang lalu ada yang bertanya, jadi aku akan bagikan disini. Untungnya aku mendapat izin untuk re-post Fanfic yang dibuatnya :) Dia baik banged!!!
Kehausan akan JUng Hwan & Deok Sun Scene telah membuat tangan-tangan manis menulis dan menulis untuk membuat adegan demi adegan. Aku bahkan neyukai fanfic-nya dan kalau bisa ya dibuat seperti itu LOL.

Fanfic ini bukan milikku!
Aku Repost dari @hailaft di forum soompi : Jung Hwan x Deok Sun Shipper
Aku sudah mendapat izin untuk re-post.
Silakan dibaca dan dipahami.
Aku tidak mengubah satu katapun.
Ini adalah Bahasa Inggris, Aku tidak sempat menerjemahkan :)
Sekalian bagi yang nggak bisa, belajar, menurutku Fanfic hailaft ini menggunakan bahasa inggris yang mudah dimenegrti dari pada fanfic HwanSunny bahasa inggris lainnya XD
Aku hanya mengambil 3 Part, Imaginary Episode 17
Ingin baca lebih banyak fanfic-nya, kunjungi : http://hailaft.tumblr.com



Tomorrow is the dreaded college entrance test and everyone was a bit tense tonight. The moms made a feast for dinner although none of the kids had much appetite. Bora was bribed to give a last minute tutoring for everyone. She had nothing to do anyway after passing the bar exam last August. That’s why they camped in Junghwan’s living room since this afternoon.

Junghwan couldn’t concentrate with all the commotion. His mom, scared that he would make the same mistake as his brother, gave him all kind of amulets, vitamins and tonics to ensure nothing will go wrong tomorrow. She made sure he drank all that and stuffed him with galbi too, on top of that. Now he’s too full to do anything.

He stole a glance at Deoksun who sat in front of him. For once, she made peace with her sister and actually learnt from her. He could see Bora was surprised to see Deoksun so focused and stopped picking on her for being slower than Sunwoo and himself. He felt slightly proud of her—not that he got something to do with it anyhow.

It’s the opposite of that, really. For months he tried to bury his feelings so deep and he mostly felt numb around her now. He made himself focused to study and avoided thinking about her. Although from time to time, he couldn’t resist to give in to his feeling and earn himself a confused look from her—or an angry one sometimes.

“Junghwan-ah, do you need to ask me something?” Bora asked him suddenly and he shook his head.

“I don’t know if I could stuff anything new by now,” he answered.
“You’re right. The night before exam usually I couldn’t study either,” Bora sighed. “It’s better to have enough sleep anyway, rather than pull a last minute all-nighter.”

Sunwoo and Deoksun scoffed at them. They clearly planned to not sleep tonight and study instead.
“It’s always better to have enough sleep, trust me,” Bora smiled at Sunwoo. Junghwan rolled his eyes and focused on his book again.
“Aigoo,” Dongryong stepped inside the living room, laughing at them. “Look at these crazy b*st*rds.”
“Yah,” Bora glared at him and he bowed to her.
“Annyeong hasimnikka, noonim,” he greeted her with over the top politeness. Taek followed after him and greeted Bora too. He sat beside Deoksun, smiling. Junghwan avoided his glance and focused on his book instead. Their relationship never really went back to how it was before they both found out they liked the same girl. From outside, they didn’t act that different—at least not different enough to make Sunwoo or Dongryong noticed—but Junghwan felt they both tiptoeing around each other still.
“Are you going to study all night?” Taek asked.
“Yes,” Sunwoo and Deoksun answered without looking up from their book. Junghwan shook his head.
“I’m going to sleep at midnight,” he said.
“I’m hanging out here with you, then,” Dongryong already made himself comfortable on the sofa behind them. He brought a few comic books to read.

Dongryong hadn’t given up his dream of performing. After many arguments with his parents, they finally let him auditioning for musicals and such after he promised he would prepare for college entrance test next year. He never told them what major he would take though.
“Did you guys eat? My mom made galbi,” Junghwan told both of them.
“Really?” Dongryong stood up and walked to the dining table right away.
“I already ate,” Taek said.
“Coffee is not dinner,” Deoksun told him, frowning. Taek grinned then finally followed Dongryong to the dining table. The level of attention Deoksun gave to Taek still bothered him. He repeatedly told himself she had always been this way with Taek, nothing’s changed. The one who changed was himself.
He sighed and made that thought go away. Tomorrow is the college entrance test, he had no time for this. He better focused on his study. He opened his math book, redoing problems for practice.  


Junghwan woke up at 5 am. The light in living room was still on. He got out of his room and saw Deoksun still sat on the same position since last night, reading her English book. Sunwoo still sat beside her, sleeping. Bora took over the sofa, sleeping too. Dongryong was nowhere to be found. Maybe he went home.
“You didn’t sleep at all?” he asked.
Deoksun turned her head, looking miserable.
“I’m done for,” she said.
In her desperation, she forgot to act cold to him and Junghwan couldn’t put up his defense because of that. He sat in front of her.
“You should sleep, at least for half an hour,” Junghwan said. Deoksun shook her head. “I’ll wake you up.”
“I haven’t study English much,” she said. She looked like she’d be crying soon. Junghwan pulled her arms and made her sleep in his room, even go as far as put his blanket over her.
“You should sleep. I’ll wake you up after I take shower,” he told her.
“I’m scared,” she whispered to him.
God damn it. Junghwan wanted to hold her so bad to calm her down and it took all of his willpower to stop himself from doing that. He took a deep breath and sat beside her.
“It’s okay. You’ll feel better after getting some sleep,” he said. She finally nodded and closed her eyes. He turned his light off and went back to living room to wake Sunwoo and Bora up.
“What time is it?” Sunwoo asked.
“5 am,” Junghwan answered. Sunwoo nodded, tidied up the desk before got back to his house. Bora followed him outside. Junghwan took shower and studied English using Deoksun’s book. His mom already woke up by then and started preparing breakfast.
“What time will the test started?” his mom asked.
“8 am,” Junghwan answered.
“You better left before 7, okay? Don’t be late,” she told him.
“I got it,” Junghwan checked his watch. It’s almost 6 am now. He went to his room and woke Deoksun up. She looked surprised for a second to find herself sleeping in his room. She muttered thank you and then left without saying another words.

Junghwan tried not to think about too much. He changed his clothes and ate some breakfast. His mom tried to make him drink another tonic, but he refused. His whole family went outside with him, thankfully they stopped on the front gate. Deoksun’s parents and Sunwoo’s mom were outside too though, looked as nervous as his own parents. Taek and Dongryong also woke up early to wish them good luck. The three of them could only smiled grimly before leaving.
They walked to the bus stop, each holding a book, tried to study until last minute. On the bus, they just stared into space, went over material in their head. By the time they arrived, they were already too nervous to talk, only muttering good luck to each other before leaving for their room.
Junghwan stopped studying when he get to his room. He prayed for himself, Deoksun and Sunwoo, tried to calm himself before the test started. He took a deep breath. He would be okay.


They all hung out in the Taek’s room after the test. Dongryong brought three bottles of soju for them to celebrate, but only three of them ended up drinking it. Sunwoo and Deoksun slept right away, too sleepy to stay up.
Junghwan could only handle two cups before stopping. He felt he would throw up if he drink another one. Taek and Dongryong, though, each drank a whole bottle by themselves. Dongryong passed out after that.
“When will you get the result?” Taek asked.
“The end of November,” Junghwan answered.
Taek nodded. He poured Junghwan and himself another cup. He raised his cup and Junghwan had no choice but to follow him. They both drank it. Taek smiled, but Junghwan felt sick right away. He ran to the bathroom but nothing came out.
“Are you okay?” Taek asked when he got out of the bathroom. Junghwan nodded. Taek gave him a glass of water and he finished it in two seconds.
“I’m going outside for a bit. I need fresh air,” Junghwan told him.
“Wait, I’m going with you,” Taek took both of their coat from his room and they went outside. They sat on the bench in front of Junghwan’s house. Junghwan were surprised when Taek pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it.
“You smoked?” he asked. Taek nodded but didn’t offer any explanation. So Junghwan didn’t ask for one. They sat in silent for a while.
“Why didn’t you make any move to Deoksun?” Taek suddenly asked. Junghwan felt his heart skipped a beat. This is the first time Taek ever acknowledged they had the same feeling for her in front of him. “I thought I had let you know already that I gave up on her when I didn’t go to the movie with her last March.”
“I didn’t want to hurt you,” Junghwan answered, honestly. “And I needed to concentrate on studying anyway.”
“I’m fine, though,” Taek smiled. “It’s not like I’m dying without her.”
Junghwan didn’t know how to respond to that.
“You’re the one who’s not fine without her,” Taek said that matter-of-factly, still smiling. Junghwan looked down, tried to pull himself together. He wouldn’t admit it, of course, but Taek was right. He distanced himself from her, pretending to not care about her. But in spite of all that, he couldn’t help not to steal glances at her when they were in the same room, miss her when she’s not around and worry about her when she didn’t get back home before midnight from the study room. He loved her too much to ignore her.
“You’re done studying for now. You already gave me enough time to move on. Why don’t you do something about her?” Taek asked. He finished his cigarette and pulled out another one. He offered it to Junghwan.

Junghwan hesitated but finally took it. Taek light the cigarette for him. He inhaled it once and coughed right away. Taek laughed.
“Do it slowly,” Taek told him. Junghwan inhaled it once again, this time he took it well. Taek light another one for himself. He looked at Junghwan, waiting for his answer.
“I don’t know, Taek-ah. She might hate me, for all I know. I ignored her for almost a year now,” Junghwan told him, being honest for the first time about his feeling. It felt good, like a huge burden has been lifted from his heart.
Taek scoffed at him. “You don’t even know she’s waiting for you to do something all this time?”
Junghwan frowned, couldn’t dare to believe him.
“Jungpal-ah, even I could see that,” Taek told him, laughing. Junghwan were amazed that Taek could laugh about this already. Maybe he did move on, like he said. He had months to tidy up his feelings anyway, unlike Junghwan himself who was still stuck in the same place.
“Don’t feel bad for me,” Taek said softly. “If you do, nothing will change between you and her.”
“I won’t,” Junghwan nodded. Taek smiled and nodded back. He finished his cigarette then stood up.
“Let’s go inside. It’s cold,” Taek looked at Junghwan and smiled. Junghwan put out his cigarette. Taek took it before Junghwan threw it away and put it in his pocket.
“Don’t throw it out here, someone will find it,” Taek grinned. Junghwan stood up and scoffed.
“That’s how you hid your cigarette?” he asked. Taek nodded his head. They walked back to Taek’s house, laughing. Everyone were still sleeping when they got back.
“I’m washing up, Junghwan-ah,” Taek went to the bathroom.

 Junghwan looked at Deoksun, overwhelmed by relieve and excitement. He didn’t know what to do with those feelings yet, but he wouldn’t overthink it anymore. He’d just do what he wanted from now on.
He sat beside her and woke her up gently.
“Go home, it’s late,” he said to her. Deoksun sat up, looked at him, confused.
“Where’s Taek?” she asked.
“Bathroom,” Junghwan answered.
She suddenly frowned. “Did you smoke?”
Junghwan completely forgot about that. He didn’t even finish half the cigarette. His clothes smelled because of Taek.
“No,” he lied, right away.
“Taek did?” she asked.
“You knew he smoke?” Junghwan got jealous for a second there. She shrugged her shoulder.
“I caught him once,” she said. She stood up and Junghwan noticed she only wore t-shirt and jeans. She didn’t bring any coat either.
“Yah, wear this,” Junghwan took of his coat and gave it to her. She looked confused. She didn’t even took the coat.
“Why?” she asked.
“It’s cold outside,” he told her nonchalantly. She frowned a little, but she took his coat and wore it. “Good night.”

She looked even more confused but didn’t say anything and left. Junghwan smiled to himself. He moved the desk to the corner of the room so he could sleep. Taek came back not long after that.
“Deoksun went home?” he asked. Junghwan nodded. They prepared to sleep and Junghwan was relieved he didn’t have to lay down beside Dongryong for once. Taek turned off the light and lay down beside him.
“I’m sorry.”
Junghwan didn’t say anything for a while. Taek did make him felt miserable for months, but not once he resented him. Taek probably felt the same way, anyway. Junghwan thought they were both just unlucky at that time.
“I’m sorry too.”
“You didn’t do anything wrong, though,” Taek said.
“We both didn’t,” Junghwan said. Taek laughed.
Junghwan cuddled to him and he laughed again. Junghwan was relieved though, they could be at ease with each other again. It was tiring to hold himself back in front of his bestfriend. Maybe he made the right decision after all. He smiled to himself and for the first time in months, he fell asleep right away.


Deoksun mostly fooled around with Jahyun in class these days. She had enough of studying for this year. Jahyun tried to make her read those romance books again but she couldn’t enjoy it as much as she did before, maybe because her own love life didn’t work that well.
Not that she had any love life, for that matter. Maybe that was the whole point. Nothing concrete ever happened with Junghwan. Sometime she even wondered if she made it all up in her head. She just couldn’t fathom why would Junghwan did all those nice things to her but then gave away her gift and proceeded to ignore her for months.

What made her more confused, he didn’t always give her the cold shoulder. At times, he was still being sweet, like making sure she had some sleep before the test or lending her his coat when she was cold. It felt like he was playing around with her feelings and it drove her almost mad sometime.
“Sooyeon-ah, let’s go!” Jahyun poked her when the class was over. Deoksun woke up from her daydream, put all her things inside her bag and followed Jahyun outside.
“Let’s go to Brazil,” Jahyun said before calling Miok from her class’ window. Miok went out right away, grinning.
“I wish school is over already,” Miok whined to them, while they were laughing, agreeing. They walked to the tteokbokki place while talking about Jahyun’s latest crush. Sunwoo, Dongryong and Junghwan were already there when they arrived.
“Oh, you’re here,” Dongryong grinned at her. Deoksun grinned back half-heartedly, while her friends smiled at them politely. They sat down, two tables away from the guys.
“Jungpal’s buying, you could order some,” he told her.
“Yah!” Junghwan glared at him. Deoksun scoffed, tried to show she didn’t care. Junghwan was still avoiding her gaze.
“I don’t need it,” she said.
Dongryong laughed, “Wenyeol, there comes a time when you actually refusing free food.”
Deoksun ignored him and ordered three portions of tteokbokki for her and her friends. She can pay her own food. Gae Jungpal can kiss her ass.

Her friends felt her change of mood and didn’t say much when they were eating. On the other hand, the three guys were joking and laughing so hard about something she couldn’t hear. They stood up to leave, still laughing.
“Deoksun-ah, don’t forget we’re watching Indiana Jones tonight,” Dongryong told her while Junghwan was paying their food.
“I got it,” Deoksun answered.
“We’re going, first,” Sunwoo smiled to the three girls. Deoksun waved at him. She looked at Junghwan who didn’t even glance at her before he left. She sighed, defeated.
“Is that guy a playboy or something?” Miok asked Deoksun, referring to Junghwan of course. “Why did his attitude to you change so much?”
“Aish, I don’t know!” Deoksun snapped at her.
“Why is he so different with his brother?” Miok asked again.
“Your boyfriend is too weird, though,” Jahyun scoffed and earned herself a glare from Miok. They finished their tteokbokki and got up to pay.
“Ahjumma, how much?” Miok asked the ahjumma.
“Your friend already paid for you,” she smiled at them.
Miok and Jahyun looked at Deoksun who was so flustered and couldn’t even say a word. She stepped outside and her friends followed her. They looked at each other, telling the other to say something silently.
“Just what does he want?” Deoksun finally asked her friends.
“He still likes you, for sure,” Miok told her confidently. “Maybe there’s something holding him back.”
“What is it? No matter how much I thought about it, I just couldn’t find the reason,” Deoksun asked again, frustrated.
“Ask him, then. There’s no other way, right?” Jahyun suggested matter-of-factly.
“You said I shouldn’t confess first!” Deoksun frowned.
“I’m not telling you to confess. Just ask him why he acted like that!”
“Yah, she’s right. Just ask him, like you did about the blind date,” Miok agreed with Jahyun
Deoksun rolled her eyes. She wouldn’t put herself out there just to get rejected again. She didn’t think she could handle it the second time. She would just keep waiting for him. She would, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t mad about it.
Deoksun didn’t say anything when they were walking to the bus stop, but Jahyun and Miok continued talked about Jungbong while laughing. Deoksun’s bus came as soon as they arrived in the bus stop. She got in, waved to her friends. She was still thinking about the idea her friends planted in her head. Maybe she would consider it after all.


Deoksun frowned when she was picked to cook ramyun before the movie night. She’s been picked for three times in a row now. The guys started to read comic while waiting for ramyun.
“Add more sausages,” Dongryong said.
“I think I only got a few left,” Taek told him, grinning apologetically. Dongryong scoffed.
“Add more eggs, then,” Dongryong said.
“Don’t start without me!” Deoksun warned them. They all ignored her. She sulked, went out to the kitchen.

She boiled the water and opened five instant ramyuns while waiting. She took eggs and sausages from the fridge. She thought about what her friends said and how Junghwan would react if she indeed talked to him. What would he said to her? I only ever see you as friends. Or I’ve liked you too, but I’m too embarrassed to tell you.
“Yah!” Junghwan suddenly showed up beside her and turned down the flame on the stove. The water was boiling and overflowing the pot. Deoksun almost jumped out of surprise. “Pay attention, will you?”
Deoksun avoided his gaze, embarrassed. Why would he come the second she was thinking about him?
“What are you thinking about so seriously anyway?” he asked while putting the ramyuns inside the pot for her, along with the sausages and eggs.
“Mind your own business,” Deoksun told him, awkwardly. Junghwan scoffed at her but he didn’t go back to Taek’s room. He stayed there, leaned on the kitchen counter, looking at her.
“Why? Just go back to the room,” Deoksun stirred the pot, still too embarrassed to look at him.
“Did you do well in the test?” he asked, softly. Deoksun frowned. There he goes again with the attention.
“Why?” Deoksun asked back, defensively.
“Well, you only had one hour sleep,” he said, shrugging his shoulder. He always does that. He never elaborated and his short sentences always vague. She never understood what he really meant. Well, except that one time when he told her not to go to the blind meeting. That was as clear as day.
“I didn’t do as well as I hope I’d be,” she answered, shortly, hoping he would leave her alone. He didn’t. She scoffed. “I bet you did well.”
“I think I did fine,” he answered, matter-of-factly. Of course he did. Looking at his grade alone, he could choose any university he wanted, honestly.
“Good for you,” she said, sarcastically.
“I hope we both did well,” he told her. “We can go to the same university if we did.”
It was too much for her. She was so done with guessing what he meant. She didn’t have any energy left to endure his hot-and-cold attitude. If it was any other dude, she would give him up months ago. She held on because it was Junghwan, because he was her best friend and she just couldn’t believe he would hurt her on purpose. Maybe she was wrong after all. Maybe he wasn’t as nice as she thought he was.

“Would you stop? How long do you want to keep playing with my feelings?” Deoksun finally snapped at him. Junghwan was flustered, didn’t expect her reaction would be like this. “Just leave me alone, damn it!”
Deoksun lost any interest to watch the movie now. She stormed out of Taek’s house, too angry to think clearly. She was already in front of Sunwoo’s house when Junghwan called her.
“Yah!” he shouted. Deoksun ran to the end of their street and she could hear he ran after her.
“Deoksun-ah!” he called her again, finally caught her in front of the stair. She tried to pull her arms away but he wouldn’t budge. She felt her tears were ready to fall and she turned her head away so he wouldn’t see them.
“I’m sorry,” he told her. “I’m sorry, Deoksun-ah.”
Deoksun couldn’t even remember when the last time he called her names and now he already said it twice.
“You have every right to be mad at me,” he said. Deoksun looked at him and he looked even sadder than she felt right now. That was when it struck her. He was as miserable as she was these past months.
“I like you. I have liked you for a year, now,” he told her, finally stopped being so vague. Her anger suddenly went away and replaced by relieve and joy. Her tears suddenly fell for different reason now.
“Why are you crying?” Junghwan scolded her again when he saw her tears. She couldn’t stop crying, though. He wiped her tears with both of his hands. They felt warm against her skin.
“Because I like you too, you idiot,” she told him. He laughed, not in his usual mocking way, but in happiness. It made her laughed too. They both looked at each other, laughing like two idiots.
“I know,” he told her before he leaned closer to kiss her lips. It took her by surprise. She just froze, even after he pulled away. She knew her face was burning red and she avoided his gaze, embarrassed. He laughed again.  
“Don’t just stand there,” he whispered softly. It made her giddy and she had to hold on to him, or else she felt she would fall over.
Junghwan smiled, teasingly. He held her waist and pulled her closer. He was looking at her so intensely. She looked down awkwardly, but he turned her chin up so she had to look at him. They face were so close and she can felt his warm breath. It was almost too much for her.
“Junghwan-ah,” she tried to pull away.
“Hush…” Junghwan tilted his head and kissed her lips for the second time. She was still holding on to his shoulder and she linked her arms behind his neck when he kissed her deeper.


Junghwan didn’t know his heart could beat this fast. He wondered before how all those people could kiss for a long time. He understood the reason now. She pulled away, looking so cute when she was embarrassed. He couldn’t resist to kiss her again.
“Yah, what if we got caught,” she turned her head so he couldn’t kiss her again. He didn’t give a damn about that.
“I waited for a year for this,” he said. Since that night when they stuck in that small alley, in fact.
She blushed when he said it. She pushed him away, embarrassed. Junghwan laughed again. She started to walk back to Taek’s house but he stopped her.
“Yah, you want to go back?” he asked, surprised. “Are you crazy?”
“It’ll be more suspicious if we didn’t,” she answered. He considered this for a while. She started to walk back again and he followed her. She smiled when he held her shoulder so naturally, like they’ve been dating for a long time.
“What will we told them?” Deoksun asked.
Junghwan only thought about how to tell Taek. He practically gave his permission, so Junghwan convinced himself that he would be okay.
“I don’t know,” Junghwan answered. “What do you think?”
“Should we lie?” she asked again.
“Taek know about us, though,” he told her.
“You told him?” she looked at him, surprised. He avoided her gaze. He couldn’t tell her about Taek’s feeling. If she really had to know, it should be Taek himself who told her.
“No. He found out by himself,” he answered.

They went inside Taek’s house but hesitated again before got in to Taek’s room. They looked at each other. She silently told him to get in first. He braced himself and opened the door.
Taek, Sunwoo and Dongryong were eating ramyun while watching the movie in silence. Deoksun and Junghwan sat behind them without saying anything.
“Where did you go?” Dongryong asked.
“Dooly,” Junghwan answered nonchalantly.
No one said anything for a while. Junghwan picked his chopstick and started eating ramyun when Dongryong burst out laughing, followed by Sunwoo. Taek didn’t laugh but he was grinning from ear to ear. Junghwan knew they would tease him to death but he didn’t know how embarrassing it would be.
“Aigoo, Jungpal-ah,” Dongryong couldn’t stop laughing. Deoksun looked at him and he was too embarrassed to look back at her. He just looked down and started playing with his chopstick while the other guys laughed for at least another ten minutes.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Sunwoo finally stopped laughing long enough to ask him.
“You know why,” Junghwan muttered.
“You wouldn’t even say she’s pretty, you b*st*rd,” Dongryong laughed so much, he started crying.
“What?” Deoksun looked at him, frowning. Junghwan was so helpless, he practically begged her not to get mad—though without saying anything. She scoffed and ate ramyun again, let the other guys teased him endlessly.
“But you took a long time, you know. What did you guys do?” Dongryong asked again, grinning.
“Mind your own business,” Deoksun glared at him. Dongryong and Sunwoo looked at each other, laughing giddily.
“I’m proud of you, Jungpal-ah,” Dongryong pat his shoulder.
“You wasted no time, don’t you?” Sunwoo laughed again.
“Yah, drop it!” Deoksun hit both of them so they stopped teasing him. They laughed again but didn’t say anything about it anymore.

Junghwan wished they didn’t tease him so much in front of Taek. He looked at him, feeling guilty. Taek smiled, as if he was ensuring him he was okay. He smiled back, relieved.
“Yah, played it back a few minutes,” Sunwoo told Dongryong who sat closest to the television. Dongryong did so and they finally started watching the movie again. Harrison Ford was arguing with Alison Doody on the television. When they suddenly kissed, Taek, Dongryong and Sunwoo roared with laughter again. Junghwan gave up and passed out on the floor.
In the end, they didn’t watch the movie and only joked around until late at night, mostly teased both Junghwan and Deoksun. Deoksun finally had enough and stood up to leave.
“Yah, walk her home,” Sunwoo kicked Junghwan who was lying on the floor, ready to sleep. Deoksun scoffed.
“No need,” she said but smiled when Junghwan stood up right away. Sunwoo and Dongryong giggled like a girl when they both got out.
“Don’t take too long, Jungpal-ah!” Dongryong shouted.
“Don’t get caught by her dad!” Sunwoo laughed.
“Shut up!” Junghwan closed the door while Dongryong and Sunwoo laughed again.
Junghwan took her hand as soon as they were outside. They both looked at each other and laughed, half happy, half embarrassed. When they reached the blue gate, Junghwan opened it for her.
“Yah, someone will see, just stopped here,” Deoksun let go of his hand.
“I got it,” Junghwan grinned. Deoksun smiled back.
“Junghwan-ah,” Deoksun looked like she wanted to ask something serious, like she did when she waited in front of his house to ask about that blind meeting.
“Why?” he asked.
“Why did you have to wait for a year?” she asked. Junghwan didn’t know how to explain it to her without telling her about Taek’s feeling.
“You should talk to Taek.”
“Taek? Why?” she looked confused.
“You’ll understand after you talk to him,” Junghwan told her. She didn’t understand but nodded her head. He patted her head, smiling.
“Go,” she said. Junghwan kissed her lips again and she hit his arms gently. “Stop kissing me!”
“How could I?” he was still grinning. Deoksun snorted and it made him laughed again. “Sleep well!”
“You too,” Deoksun smiled before went in and closed the gate.

 Junghwan couldn’t stop smiling while walking back to Taek’s house. He was so happy, he felt warm even though it was freezing cold outside. He hurried up inside and found the guys were still sat down and talked. They were waiting for him. Junghwan sat beside Taek, suddenly knew Sunwoo and Dongryong were going to talk seriously to both of them.
“So you guys talked to each other about this?” Dongryong finally asked both of them. Junghwan and Taek nodded his head.
“It’s fine between you now?” Sunwoo asked. They both nodded again. Dongryong and Sunwoo sighed, felt bad for both of them.
“Why didn’t you tell us anything? You always suffered by yourself,” Sunwoo asked Junghwan.
“You know why,” he repeated himself.
“I’m the one to blame,” Taek told them. “I knew for months but I didn’t say anything.”
“Yah,” Junghwan frowned. He didn’t want any of them felt guilty because of this, that was why he didn’t tell anyone. “It’s okay. It already happened anyway. There’s nothing we could do about it.”
“I knew Deoksun liked you, though,” Dongryong told him. “It was so obvious.”
“How couldn’t I notice anything?” Sunwoo shook his head.
“You’re too busy dating, b*st*rd,” Dongryong scoffed at him. Sunwoo laughed.
“Let’s just sleep,” Junghwan sighed and put away the desk. Sunwoo took the pot to the kitchen and washed it, while the other guys prepared to sleep. They all lay down not long after that.
“So you guys dated the Sung sisters,” Dongryong suddenly said. “Taek, well, it won’t be difficult for you to get a girl. Even Jungbong hyung and Noeul has girlfriend. What about me?”
“If you stopped farting before sleeping, I’ll help you find a girl,” Junghwan said. Of course Dongryong picked that exact time to release his fart.
“Crazy b*st*rd, just be single forever!” Sunwoo tried to get as far as he can from him. Dongryong snuggled to him anyway, while Junghwan and Taek laughed. It will be hours before they sleep for real.



Deoksun stared blankly at her math book way too much instead of trying to do the problems. She sighed and read again the example before trying to do it herself. Bora came in at that exact time and peeked at her book behind her back.
“Yah, you can’t even do that. That’s middle school problem!” Bora pointed at the example she was reading.
“That’s why I’m reading the example, okay?” Deoksun tried to be patience. She didn’t have time for another fight with her sister. Bora scoffed and sat in front of her own desk.
“Your boyfriend is on top of his class, why don’t you ask him to teach you?” Bora asked her.
Deoksun scoffed. Asking Junghwan to teach her is worse than asking Bora to do the same. He did mention it casually a few times before. They can study together in his room, he said. She rejected him each time. Just the two of them in a closed room? She wouldn’t be able to concentrate, honestly.
“Your boyfriend is in third year too, why don’t you teach him?” Deoksun asked and earn herself a smack on her head.
“Don’t talk about that here!” she glared at her. “He’s doing fine on his own anyway. Unlike you.”
Deoksun rolled her eyes. Bora annoyed her too much every time she went home. She should stay in the gosiwon on the weekend too so she can study in peace.

The phone suddenly rang and they heard their mom picked it up. Bora and Deoksun looked at each other, panicked for a second. Their parents didn’t know that both of their daughters dated boys next door. They both went out to the living room when mom called Deoksun.
“Junghwan called,” her mom told her, looked a bit surprised that both of them went out to get the call. Bora sighed in relieve and went back to their room. Deoksun picked the call right away.
“Why are you calling at this hour?” Deoksun scolded him while whispering. He ignored her, of course. He never saw the point of hiding the fact that they were dating from their family. That was why he kept calling her any time he liked. He wanted her family to know.
“What are you doing?”
“Studying. What else?”
“Come to my house.”
“My mom made galbi.”
Deoksun rolled her eyes. This guy did all kind of things just to make her come to his house. He actually came up with different reasons almost every night.
“Deoksun-ah,” he called her name sweetly to persuade her.
“Sooyeonie, you idiot. Don’t you want me to go to college?” Deoksun scolded him again.
“Sooyeon-ah,” he called her again.
“Aigoo, I got it. I’m coming,” Deoksun ended the call, smiling. She saw her mom was listening and she looked suspicious.
“Junghwan called a lot these days,” she said.
“I asked him to teach me math. I’m going to his house now,” Deoksun lied right away. Mom still didn’t look convinced but didn’t say anything else.

Deoksun went to her room and took her math book. She went outside and saw Junghwan was standing in front of his door, waiting for her. He smiled when he saw her.
“Yah!” Deoksun went to him, annoyed. “Stop being so obvious!”
Junghwan didn’t say anything. He just opened the door for her and let her in. The living room and dining room was empty.
“Where’s everyone?” she asked.
“My parents had dinner outside. Hyung’s on a date,” he answered, still smiling. He looked satisfied the one time Deoksun fell for his lie is when he was alone at his house.
“Yah!” Deoksun glared at him.
“Do you still want to eat the galbi?” Junghwan asked.
“Ah, never mind. I’m going back,” Deoksun turned around to go outside but Junghwan stopped her.

He noticed the math book she was carrying.
“Why do you bring your math book?” he asked.
“I told mom I’m asking you to teach me math,” she answered.
“I can teach you for real,” he grinned. He dragged her to his room and made her sat on the bed. He then went out and brought back a small table. He sat on the floor, opening her math book. Deoksun sat in front of him reluctantly.
“What do you want to study? Trigonometry? Algebra?”
“Trigonometry,” she answered.
“Hmm,” Junghwan looked at her book, examining problems that she already did by herself. Deoksun stared at him. Did he always look this good or her stupidly-in-love-brain was deluding her.
“Why?” Junghwan smiled, knew she was staring without looking up.
“Nothing,” she said, looked down right away.
“You can stare as much as you want,” he said, then laughed shyly right away. Deoksun scoffed.
“Aigoo, never mind,” she said.
Junghwan pointed at one problem that she didn’t finish. “You didn’t finish this one. You didn’t understand?”
She looked at the problem and nodded. Junghwan did it for her and explained it step by step.
“The three interior angles of triangle always added to 180o. You already have the two angles here, so this one must be 30 o,” Junghwan pointed the missing angle.
“Why always 180 o?” she asked.
“It’s just the way it is. You don’t have to know the calculations,” Junghwan answered. She accepted it without question. “If you already have the angle, you can find the length of this leg using the tangent.”

Deoksun still looked confused. She read again the solution that Junghwan did, trying to understand what Junghwan said.
“You know formula for the tangent right? Y divided by x,” Junghwan wrote it for her.
“But how do I know which one is y and which one is x?” Deoksun asked, feeling stupid.
“Yah, the horizontal one is x and the vertical one is y. Why didn’t you know?” Junghwan was getting irritated.
“Why are you getting angry?” Deoksun asked, equally annoyed. “You’re the one who want to teach me!”
“Aigoo,” Junghwan sighed and passed out on the floor, defeated. “This is why you don’t want to study together?”
Deoksun laughed. “No, because you’re too distracting.”
Junghwan sat up right away, smiling playfully. Deoksun scoffed, could read what was on his mind.
“I can distract you more,” he said, grinning.
“Yah, you’re the teacher here,” Deoksun frowned. Junghwan scooted closer to her, placing his arms on her waist and stole a kiss on her lips.
“Yah!” Deoksun glared at him. He was still smiling, unfazed. Deoksun sighed. “What if your parents come back?”
“They won’t for another hour,” he answered.
“Let me finish this one, then,” Deoksun focused on the problem once again. Junghwan pulled his arms and let her be. He kept staring though and it was still bothering her.
“Stop staring!” she snapped at him.
“Aish, I got it!” Junghwan sulked and climbed up his bed to give her some space. Deoksun ignored him and did over the problem until she understood. When she finally turned her head to look at him, he was reading a comic book. Deoksun scoffed, annoyed.
“When you ever study?” she asked.
“Yah, I’m not you,” Junghwan snorted.
“I never see you study these days,” she said, sat beside him on the bed. He shifted to give her space and held her shoulder.
“I studied a lot when I’m not with you so I don’t have to when we’re together,” he told her. It made her smile. Junghwan scoffed. “You won’t even come to my house.”
“Your mother is quick to catch on things like this,” she said.
“I’ll tell her before she find out, then,” he said.
“Yah!” Deoksun warned him while he laughed again. He looked better, laughing like that, rather than frowning all the time like he did a few months ago.
“What?” he asked when he caught her staring.
“You laugh a lot now,” she said.
“Thanks to you,” he whispered and smirked.

They looked at each other for a while. She noticed how he stopped smiling and blinked a couple of times nervously. She knew he was thinking of kissing her. It made her nervous too. They were never really alone in a closed place like this before. Their kisses were always quick because they didn’t want to get caught by someone else. No one would catch them now. Frankly, it made Deoksun more nervous.

Junghwan leaned closer and kissed her lips. His hand touched her cheek as he tilted his head so he can kiss her deeper. Deoksun wondered how he got so good in this. He really did watch too much raunchy movies, she thought. He held her waist, shifted closer and closer. He pushed her to bed gently and it almost got too much for her.
Suddenly they heard the front gates were opened. Junghwan pulled away and looked outside from the window. His breathing was heavy, as if he just sprinted for minutes. It made her remembered that night when they stuck in that small alley. The only difference was he didn’t look guilty now.
“It’s your dad,” Junghwan told her.
Deoksun pushed him away and sat down. “I better get back before your parents come,” she said. Junghwan scoffed. He stopped her when she tried to stand up.
“You got enough kiss for a night,” she said. Junghwan laughed at that and finally let her go.
“What are you doing after this?” he asked.
“Studying. You?”
“Let’s not study together again,” Deoksun said again. They looked at each other, grinning. “You’re too distracting.”
“Good distraction, though,” he smirked and lay down on his bed again. Deoksun shook her head in disbelief and walked to the door.
“Study well, Junghwan-ah,” she smiled at him.
“You too, Deoksun-ah,” he waved at her.

Deoksun was going to correct him but gave up and closed the door. She smiled and went outside. The front gates were opened just after she climbed down the stairs to her house. Junghwan’s parents came home. She smiled to herself and went inside.


Aku suka bangeeeeeeeeed!!!
Yang part 3 adalah inspirasi dari Itazura na Kiss HAHAHHA.
Soalnya ada yang request kemarin LOL :)
Aku akan terus menantikan fanfic hailaft yang lain.
Suer fanficnya bikin aku senyam senyum sendiri dan merasakan apa yang dirasakan Deok Sun dan Jung Hwan, tentu saja sambil membayangkan wajah keduanya hohohohoho :)


11 komentar:

  1. Setuju sm komen airin soal fanfic,kn yg d cium jung hwan itu deok sun yah tp knp aku ngerasa ky aku yg dpt ciuman jung hwan yah(geleng2 kepala krn terlalu menghayati cerita nya).iri sm deok sun dpt d cium jung hwan (mau dong aku jg) wlw cm fanfic tp snang jg kalo bnrn ada scene itu yah

  2. heuhehe..
    tapi sepertinya reply the series ini berakhir dengan banyak adegan kissuuu

    hmmm.. hahaha.. jadi lucu sendiri..

  3. Woaaaaaaaah! Aku baru aja baca part 3-nya kemaren pas iseng ke soompi forum! Langsung suka sama ff-nya aaagh tapi ga baca dari part 1 susah nemuinnya eh kak airin post aaaakkkhhh seneng banget! Sukaaaaaaaaa banget! Aku bayanginnya sambil gemes2 sendiri gimana seandainya mereka gituuuuuuuuuu! Augh! Kutunggu part 4 hahaha :v
    Aku kira kak airin post ff kakak eh ternyata bukan but np aku bener2 menikmatinya! Hehe.

  4. Daebakkkk... Haha melting bacany romanceny bikin nagih hahahaha makasih airin udah share in ff keren gila

  5. Sumpah suka banget fanfic nya..tpi klo untuk adegannya yg terlalu hot "kiss deeper" itu mungkn baiknya klo mereka udh kuliah ato dan udah 20 tahunan keatas gitu paling ya, klo seumuran SMA masih polos banget hahaha.tapi sumpah suka banget fanficnya.smpe aku baca berkali2...seperti yg Junghwan- dukseon lover idam2kan...ihihihihii

  6. Duh nambah lagi deh daftar fanfic favorit saya.. XD

  7. Waaaaah suka banget sama fanficnyaaa, jadi ngebayangin sendiri kalau ini beneran jadi scene di drama reply. Pas baca seolah lagi nonton junghwan sama duksoon. Aaah. Suka suka suka. Menantikan part 4 nya. Aku cukup kaget ternyata junghwan orangnya nggak kalem buat masalah kiss hahaha. Aku kira junghwan bakal dapet karakter kalem hahahah. Makasih kak airin udah share fanfic :)

  8. Wahhhh senyum2 geleng2, mupeng deh hahahha..... walaupun cuma fanfic cukup bikin kangeun sama hwansunny terobati, makasih airin <3

  9. Drama banget deh fanfic nya... Sekelas SWnim Reply kayaknya gak bakal bikin akur cerita replyse drama ini..
    So guys, don't let the fanfic set your standard or you'll be dissatisfaction... :)

  10. ah aku juga udah baca ini yang versi tumblr,seriously ini semacam obat banget dari dari kemarin gagal move on dari reply 1988 karena mikirin nasib jungpal

  11. Omgggg walaupun sebenernya lebih suka deoksun-taek. Tp tetep pengen tau kalo sama junghwan gimana yaaa wkwkw😂😂😂 terus nemu ini,pas baca anjirrrrr so cuteeeee whyyy whyyyyyyy. Sekarang tau kenapa semua temen sukanya deoksun-junghwan😂😂



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